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about Cabarete

Cabarete is a magic Caribbean beach village located on the north coast of Dominican Republic

The offshore reef at the entrance of the bay, the perfect wind and wave conditions and the warm and turquoise ocean waters… make it an ideal spot for Kiteboarding, Windsurfing and also for Surfing!

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Unique beaches in Cabarete…

Cabaretebeach – Kite or chill on the beach just in the center of Cabarete bay












La Boca – Picturescue Kite spot, perfect flat water for training your tricks














Kitebeach – Kite spot 5 min from Cabarete riding on your bike












Playa Encuentro – Wild Surf spot












Here some pics of the Camp in Cabarete

SurfCamp with the Chilean group - Dominican Republic DR

KiteCamp and SurfCamp with the German and Israeli group - Cabarete