I always thought the best of NY is walking around Manhattan and take a BloodyMary in a fancy club. Since I met Linda Argila!

This amazing women, with a strong history and a lot of courage and commitment to help other women invited me to be a COACH during her DREAM EXTREME kiteboarding event in Napeague Harbor. I was surprised how good NY can be also for water sports. Just a couple of hours driving from Manhattan you can find a great kite spot in the East Hamptons.

The event was a lot of fun and I met many interesting new friends and old one… Laurel Eastman and Cameron Dietrich were there to give precious coaching tips to participants, Marina Chang supporting the event with her The Kiteboarder Magazine, and many other professional kiter helping around.
Everyone was happy to kiteboarding for the 2 days event coached by PROs from all around the world and we were blessed with incredible weather, with lot of wind during all the event.

Linda has raised over $1 Million in 6 years for a charity foundation, the Hour Children, that helps the life of a child with an incarcerated mother.
So… if you are around NY and you will to have a kite session in an nice environment with inspiring people go to kite for a cause.


And last but not least, after two beautiful days on the beach we enjoyed a glamorous dinner and dance party in the Hamptons, with a silent auction where I could support the cause with BiancaBikinis give away.

ps. if you wonder why I had this funny outfit, the answer is that even though we had a sunny weekend it’s never enough for an italian girl living in the caribbean. Just a 5mm wetsuit and a lots of warm layers helped me 😉