My two greatest loves are the ocean and fashion. What better place to live than Cabarete, Dominican Republic? I wake up in the morning to catch some waves at Encuentro, work on my bikini business and coaching during the day, and kitesurf in the windy afternoons. What more could a girl ask for?

But a life like this doesn’t come without some sacrifice. In 2009, I gave up a life of high profile jobs in consulting companies like KPMG and PwC to travel the world, get out of my comfort zone, and discover a different way of living. When I first arrived in Cabarete, I started a business giving kiteboarding lessons. After becoming involved in the kitesurfing scene in Cabarete, I became an Ambassador for nonprofit organisation, Kite Boarding for Girls. Through KB4girls, I can introduce and coach girls from around the world to my favourite sport.

Spending so much time on the water, it didn’t take me long to realize that there was not a secure sports bikini on the market that looked stylish! This was the inspiration for BiancaBikinis, my line of hand-made bikinis that stay on in the water with a touch of Italian glamour. I now spend half of my year in Cabarete soaking up the sun, enjoying exciting sessions on the water, and designing and marketing my bikinis, and the rest of my time in Italy where I produce them.

Some people say I’m ‘living the dream’. We are all capable of living our dreams, as long as we know what that dream is, and are willing to work hard to get there!


What does it mean to be a Brand Ambassador?

For me, it means to truly believe in and support the product or organisation I am working with. I represent brands that I will stand by, that I can proudly advocate for, and that fit with my own personal style. As a Brand Ambassador, I work to promote my partners, grow their communities, and positively represent their brand.

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Brands I represent:

GIZZERIA one of the best kitespot in Italy

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Groove… a new board for KiteGirls

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Starkites Ambassador

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I love my Taina Starkites

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3mendo girls trying handlepass

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Ready to raise your kiteboarding skill level? 

I am a kite instructor and coach with experience teaching around the world. I offer coaching for groups, private coaching, programs designed for entrepreneurs, and more. My experience in the business world combined with my beach lifestyle has naturally lead me to an efficient, fun, and empathetic coaching style.

I specialize in coaching Intermediate or Advanced level riders who are hoping to learn new tricks, refine their technique, and start pushing their limits with jumps and backrolls! Are you ready to take it to the next level?

Coaching available in English, Italian, Spanish, and French.


Looking for the perfect kitesurfing holiday? Kite Camps are the ideal way to combine a getaway to a stunning beachfront location with learning or progressing in kiteboarding! Come as a beginner, intermediate, or advanced rider and enjoy a memorable vacation with beautiful accommodation, delicious local food, and coaching by Bianca Forzano.

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Cabarete Kite Camp
Italy Kite Camp


BiancaBikinis is born from my passion for the ocean, the surf, beaches, travel, and life. BiancaBikinis is a brand for surfers, kiters, and water women who know their lifestyle and their needs. I share my passion for sport and fashion through my line of hand-made, Italian swimwear.

After leaving the corporate world behind and meeting and surfing with mermaids all around the world, one message was clear. Surfgirls everywhere want bikinis that stay on, look great, and represent them and their love for their sport. So why not create a bikini that stays on while being fashionable and sexy at the same time?